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What will you do if the love of your life has already moved on however you still want to get her back? Do you think it's easy to do it?

When all you have to do is make her happy? Make her loved and make her appreciated but you cannot because she is already in another’s arm.

Always remember that if there is a wheel, there is away. If your ex-girlfriend has moved on, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she will never love and respect you once again.

Yes, it's hard but if you will do your best and show to her that you had already changed, you can do it.

You need to exert more effort if you want to get your ex back after she has moved on. Remember that she will be looking for some changes and while and while it is more difficult to pull off, the idea is you want her to be present in your life that is why you need to devote yourself and she to her that you are the guy that she loved before and that you are deserving to be given a chance for the second time around.

Take time. Never force her to come back again when in fact, she can see that you are not yet ready for coming back.

There are some tips that will help your ex back when she has moved on:

1. Don’t cause more damage to her feelings. Don’t let her feel that you are such an insecure ex. Despite how much pain you might be in, you have to make sure that you are mot making her feelings worst like when you are texting her, sending her a text, online and other means of communication.

Sometimes guys are too hurt when he knows that his girl dumped him and has moved on with another guy. But a sort of advice, just relax. You cannot blame your girl because he is too hurt for what happened to both of you. If you are serious about getting your ex back, you must get yourself out of that weak emotional state and stand on your decision, to win her back.

2. Treating her that she is still your girlfriend. Show to her that you understand her and how you won't make the same mistake again.

You must also tell and show to her that you will do what she wants as soon as it will help to keep your relationship strong, for the second time. Prove to her that you’ve changed.

3. Do no contact. Doing no contact will help your mind to stop panicking so you don’t make any obvious mistakes. It will help you also decide if getting your ex back is the best decision for both of you.

By doing no contact, you have given the time and space to prove to your ex that you are more confident and secure in yourself than ever before. That you can decide on your own without her help. This will give you extra attraction points when you get back in touch with her.

4. Make yourself more attractive than her new guy. When you talk to her on the phone, have a sense of humor. Make her laugh and smile as she experiences the new, more confident, and charismatic version of yourself.

You can also post pictures on social media that you are already living a much more interesting lifestyle than you were before.

5. Bear in your mind that her feeling for you can change. Your ex-girlfriend might hate you right now but it doesn’t mean that her feelings for you will never change. If you do things that will change her heart and mind, I am pretty sure you will win her back.

Women have a humble and soft heart. Even though you already separate ways and she is trying to move on, if you will show to her that you are capable of a second chance, for sure she will not be blind to your efforts.

Remember that you both love each other so showing her the best that you have and you could, will win her back.

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