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Breaking No contact rule

Updated: Jun 2

What will happen if you break your no contact rule? Will it be effective for the second time?

No contact rule is one of the most effective ways in order to get our ex back. So breaking it would absolutely set you back to the day of the breakup, forcing you to relive the day you got broken up with.

Breaking a no contact rule is too dangerous because you are setting yourself for possible rejection. You didn’t even know if you will be rejected if you reach out to your ex.

When you break no contact rule, you can experience the following symptoms:

Ø Sweating profusely

Ø Spikes in blood pressure

Ø Temporary loss of awareness

Ø Panic attacks

Deep inside you really want to try getting back together with your ex. You probably want to overcome the anxiety that you have right now by talking with your ex hoping that what you feel right now is the same feeling that they have.

But just remember that your ex broke up with you because they don’t want to be with you anymore and contacting with them brings up a not good result. In doing so, you intend to restore the levels of intimacy back to where they were prior to the breakup.

When you reach out to your ex prematurely, you will do so with unreasonably high expectations. If you contact your ex and break the no contact rule, you are doing this for the wrong reason. This could not even help. Rejection may be the result of this and you will be hurt again big time.

So let the time heal and respect the no contact rule.

You broke up with your ex for some valuable reason and you both decided to parted ways. Just be strong and respect every decision so that both of you would be happy for the result that this may bring.


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