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Benefits of no contact rule after break up

I just want to be alone. I don’t want to see you anymore! You hurt me a lot! What happened to us is so miserable and I want to think. I want space! And please…I just don’t want to see your face anymore! Those are the words that you could hear from your ex, as a result of too much pain that you had during your relationship that is why after a breakup you just want to have a NO CONTACT RULE.

What are the benefits of not communicating with each right after your break up? Would it really help for partners to realize if what happened to their relationships?

1. They considered no contact rule as one of the best ways to move on. You decided to leave your partner because you want space and you don’t want to see them right at that moment you broke up.

If you keep in touch with your ex-partner, you will be constantly reminded of the things that happened to your past. With good and bad memories. This will probably make your healing process harder and longer.

At this moment, you may want to find out about your ex’s life, but refrain from doing it. It will never help if you want to move on.

2. It gives you enough time to properly grieve for your lost relationship. We all know that the pain of breaking up is so traumatic and sometimes it will make you so depressed that will result to anxiety. No contact rule helps you to realize what was wrong with your past. Thru this you can easily cope up with pain that you are suffering.

Grieving takes time and you can never make the process fast. You need to do it step by

step by step and it will never happen when you are always contacting your ex.

3. You can regain perspective in your life. Creating space with your ex could help you think and decide what is the next step that you will do and who got wrong that ends your relationship. It also helps you solve the problem that you had more effectively.

4. No contact gives you time to build the real and new you. One positive result of being single is that you have more time to focus on yourself. You can do whatever you want, dress what you want without your ex always opposing to what you are doing. In that way, you already have more time to focus on yourself, renew the things that you’ve lost when you are still with the relationship that was full of struggles.

The harder you focus on yourself, the less time you will remember your ex, thus gives you time to move on faster and search for the best person that might be yours forever.

5. You know that there is no perfect relationship but you still trying to convince yourself that there is. No contact rule tries to kill the fantasy of a perfect relationship. Cutting all the communication, helps you realize faster that there is no such kind of relationship.

It's so hard to accept that the partner that you had in the past isn’t perfect and what is hurting the most is they are not even for you. You work hard to keep them. That is why after broke up, and during no contact rule, you realize that everything. Having enough space to think, you keep on wondering what if, I continued that wrong relationship that we had. Who will suffer the most?

6. No contact rule stop from looking yourself looking desperate. This is the best result of no contact rule. You will have the power to look unto yourself. To rebuild what was lost in your past. During this period, you can do whatever you want, focus on yourself, and regain what was lost.

No contact rule is the best way of healing, rebuilding, and finding yourself after a toxic relationships. Follow it properly for you to have the best result.

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